Monday, January 25, 2010

Bloody & N8 feat.Krizd

Bloody & N8 feat.Krizd.

Yep I was guest dj yesterday on their show,playing J-Rock,J-Pop,Visual Kei,Industrial.
The show is on the net every Sunday 20:00-22:00 at

I will post my playlist for those who ask. Not in the same order but I think it doesn't matter.

Blood Stain Child - Hyper Sonic
Asian KungFu Generation - Haruka Kanata
Flow - Colors
Gackt - Journey Through The Decade
Angelo - Sister
D - Tightrope
Acidman - Under The Rain
The Gazette - Before I Decay
Vamps - Evanescent
D'espairsRay - Lizard
Jive - Soul Still
12012 - Usubeni No Ame
exit+trace - Resonance
D'espairsRay - Final Call
Core The Child - Lust
12012 - Shine
Onmyouza - Aoki Dokugan
High and Mighty Color - Goodbye
Dazzle Vision - Camellia
Detrox - Kill The Light
Angelo - Rosario
Berry - Countdown
Deluhi - G.A.L.D.
Onmyouza - Araragi

Enjoy and I will put a photo of myself next time!

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