Thursday, January 28, 2010

60 pieces

60 pieces what have I become?
Advanced Clone Theory
perfect order,transformation,
each one of us individual,
No upgrade necessary,intelligence,
suck your wire,Can I have some more thoughts?
1,80x75 you name it...WE create!
Mass production,which one is real?
All my brother are ONE,the same brand!!
The cargo is ready to fly.Good deal!
See you next time!

What a mess!

Mars with the magic numbers
3x3 search their soul
dig deep,open the grave,unleash the melody
I hear the drums
Do u believe?.....I don't.....
Then what?
No risk,no danger,no adventure,no dreams,
just live and die like the rest,system is controlling you,
fuckin puppet.
You watch colored boxes and they press the buttons.
Well, the same over and over again,
the game continues,666888 hit points.
Bad and Mad type mismatch,yeah man!!!!!
Look at this mess,fuckin mess.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ANTA shoes,always classic,keep moving!

These are my new ANTA shoes,always classic,keep moving!
I bought this pair while in Chengdu at Chunxi Lu.
Is a famous brand in China almost like NIKE.

Anta Sports Products Limited 安踏體育用品有限公司

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bloody & N8 feat.Krizd

Bloody & N8 feat.Krizd.

Yep I was guest dj yesterday on their show,playing J-Rock,J-Pop,Visual Kei,Industrial.
The show is on the net every Sunday 20:00-22:00 at

I will post my playlist for those who ask. Not in the same order but I think it doesn't matter.

Blood Stain Child - Hyper Sonic
Asian KungFu Generation - Haruka Kanata
Flow - Colors
Gackt - Journey Through The Decade
Angelo - Sister
D - Tightrope
Acidman - Under The Rain
The Gazette - Before I Decay
Vamps - Evanescent
D'espairsRay - Lizard
Jive - Soul Still
12012 - Usubeni No Ame
exit+trace - Resonance
D'espairsRay - Final Call
Core The Child - Lust
12012 - Shine
Onmyouza - Aoki Dokugan
High and Mighty Color - Goodbye
Dazzle Vision - Camellia
Detrox - Kill The Light
Angelo - Rosario
Berry - Countdown
Deluhi - G.A.L.D.
Onmyouza - Araragi

Enjoy and I will put a photo of myself next time!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Schoolyard Presents: Japan Meets New York

Η σύγχρονη ιαπωνική μουσική είναι γνωστή για τις Rock, Pop και Visual Kei εκφάνσεις της, οι οποίες, θα μπορούσε να πει κανείς, βρίσκονται στα δύο άκρα του ηχητικού φάσματος. Ωστόσο, η Ιαπωνία δεν έχει πλέον να ζηλέψει τίποτα από τη Δύση ακόμα και στα είδη της Electronica, του Freestyle και της Hip Hop. Στο «Schoolyard Presents: Japan Meets New York», ο ήχος της Νέας Υόρκης συναντά αυτόν του Tokyo και της Osaka, σε ένα πρωτόγνωρο μουσικό μίγμα με δυνατό ρυθμό.

Το event οργανώνουν το blog DCpleen και οι Nozomi Ongaku, με DJ τους KrizD και Mr. Loof, στο Da Sein (Σολωμού 12, Εξάρχεια). Μεταξύ άλλων οι διοργανωτές, με τη συνδρομή του περιοδικού FREEZE και του IT Record Store, έχουν εξασφαλίσει 100 freebies για τους παρευρισκόμενους. Οπότε το Σάββατο, 23 Ιανουαρίου 2010 και ώρα 21:00, you will know where the party is!

Modern Japanese music is well known for its Rock, Pop and Visual Kei genres, who, some would say, are at the opposite ends of the music spectrum. However, Japan is up to the West’s challenge even in Electronica, Freestyle and Hip Hop. “Schoolyard Presents: Japan Meets New York” aims to show us just how up, as the sounds from the Big Apple clash and merge with those of Tokyo and Osaka, in a strong and novel mix.

The event is organized by DCpleen blog and Nozomi Ongaku, featuring DJs KrizD and Mr. Loof, at Da Sein (Solomou 12, Exarheia). Among other things, the organizers have secured, with the sponsorship of FREEZE Magazine and IT Record Store, 100 freebies for those attending. Don’t miss this rhythm-rich party on the 23rd of January, 2010, beginning at 21:00.

dj honda - Let It Out feat.Rakaa

dj honda - Let It Out feat.Rakaa Iriscience Money Harm aka Marvin Moore

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



23:15 – 00.00 TELSON
00.00 – 01.00 WAR
01.00 – 02.00 CICRULAR
03.00-04.00 SYNC 24
04.00 -05.00 FUZZBOX
05.00- 06.00 DIAMORHIA
06.00 till end...depends who is in the Mood...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Urbanscapes #10

It's the Infectious Grooves baby!!!

All images have been resized. All photos by Krizd (2009)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Japan & Anime Party - January 9th, Athens

Sakura Syndrome is back in Athens with another exciting event!

Japan&Anime Party - XodiacK Pre-Release party special!

Sakura Syndrome, in collaboration with the extraordinary "Galaxy Metal" band, XodiacK, is proud to present "Shinra Bansho - Setsuri", XodiacK's long-awaited debut album, 6 whole days before it hits the stores! Released under German Visual Kei label, Gan-Shin! The Greek audience will enjoy an exclusive priority to experience the full versions of the songs and watch rare videos that cannot be found anywhere else!

Image Hosted by

XodiacK’ s concept is a cosmic-scaled fantastic yet destructive view of the cosmos. Influenced by the world view of Anime, Manga and Video Games, the band’s musical and aesthetic perception, aims to create an emotionally evoking, alternative universe. Their music ranges from strong, metal sounds with vocals from the depths of hell, to intensive melodic parts, crowned by dark, angelic rhapsodies.


Guest DJ set by Raven Sweetwater!

- Cosplay Contest
- Secret Band Presentation! Which band will we recommend you this time?
- All your favourite songs and videos
- All the fresh, new releases
- Surprises, eye candy, lots of video rarities and extra free goodies!

When: Saturday, the 9th of January
Where: DaSein [Solomou 12, Plateia Exarheion], ATHENS, GREECE
Time: 21:00
Entrance: FREE

All this and much more only at Japan&Anime Party!

Urbanscapes #9

All images have been resized. All photos by Krizd (2009)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010 Health and Happiness!!!