Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chinese guitars

Well, while in Chengdu living at the music conservatory area I took some pics from some music stores.

I have read on some forums about chinese guitars and music store owner some weird things. For example one guy said that they do not let you try a guitar to hear how it sounds. Also that if you do not buy it when try they are upset and bad tempered. I don't know if all these are true or not.But none of these happen to me, I have tried only one a hollow body type,had really good sound for playing the blues, if I remember well the brand was "Star". The guy who was working there also played some blues chords for me. I thank them and said that I won't buy anything.They were cool. A chinese friend who was with me said that it doesn't matter if you not buy from the shop anything is their duty to show the customers what they want to see without being upset,angry or anything like that.

To tell you the truth I didn't found any brand that looked original,they were copies though some were really good ones. I found many chinese brands never heard of them of course,for obvious reasons.

Some photos are blurry but I tried!!!They said they have the original Gibson and that they are official dealers,lets see.

I believe that Gibson produce electric and acoustic guitars for the chinese market with a different name.If anyone knows anything about that please inform me.

Yep!!!what you see is the Zakk Wylde model Epiphone.
All images have been resized. All photos by Krizd (2009)

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