Thursday, October 29, 2009

Giant Panda breeding centre Chengdu

The Giant Panda breeding centre is located outside of Chengdu city.
You can take a bus from the citys bus station ,it only takes about 40-45 mins to get there.
Is a very big place full of green trees and bamboos. You can even spend some time there just relaxing for a tea and sightseeing.
The day I was visited the place was extremely hot and the Panda were inside under a cooler atmosphere,only the red panda was outside because has no problem with the summer weather.

Of course if you want to hold a panda bear for 10 mins to bring you luck you can.
You have to pay about 100 euros!!!

Red Panda relaxing under a tree

Tickets and map of the area

more info:

All photos by Krizd (2008). All images have been resized.

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